Trudging Along

So it’s Day 2 of the partial lock down due to Covid-19.

I’ve postponed most of my classes for now. Still not heard back from a couple of parents. I was reading the news earlier today and it seems that the many still have a “tidak apa” attitude not realizing the whole objective of this lockdown. What’s more distressing is reading about the 83 Malaysians who have gone to Indonesia for a religious event despite the warnings and Coronavirus outbreak.

Under the movement control order that is now in effect, the 80 participants would be required to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine upon returning to Malaysia.

How are the authorities going to ensure the above? And what if they end up with the virus and then infect their family members, who are not under the quarantine, and they go on to infect others. What about the passengers of the plane in which they are returning to Malaysia in? As you can see, every single action of ours has a ripple effect across that not only affects us but everyone around us.

Apart from all of this, the one thing which is upsetting me the most is the amount of ridiculous false messages being passed around on Whatsapp aimed at driving more fear among the already panicked stricken mass. Some of the messages have already been previously debunked online but still being circulated. All it takes is maybe a few minutes of our time to verify if the information is correct before passing it around.

We will have to just wait and see where it all ends up.

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