The Super Impressive Social Reading App by Kobo

I was recently looking to purchase a particular book but sadly it was not available in the usual Malaysian bookstores (Borders, Kinokuniya, MPH). So I started to search online for an eBook which was available on Kobo ( for about USD5. The thing was, I had to install the Kobo app on my Iphone/Ipad or Desktop to read it since this particular eBook was only available in an Adobe DRM version.

This opened me up to the amazing world of Kobo Social Reading. I’ve read books on iBooks. Just the usual stuff but this Kobo reading app, wow! So many cool features which really changes your entire reading experience. It has this badges concept, where you earn badges for books you read. It also has this stats which tracks your reading times, provides you with beautiful graphs and stats and shows you your reading in a whole new way.

kobo-infographic-stats Kobo-Pulse-Stats

The only downside of the app which you download is that you can only read ebooks which you have purchased from the Kobo store. They also have an actual eReader where I believe you can load other books. If you have not given Kobo a try, I urge you to download the app on your iPad or Iphone. There are plenty of free books available for your to start with.

Check out this short video as well on Kobo:

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