The problem with lying

A short rambling about lies.

Lying, being untruthful or being partially truthful is such a common practise these days that sometimes the lines are so badly blurred that the person ends up living in a self-created illusion or bubble, unaware of the effects and consequences of their actions.

In most cases, it starts of as lies to avoid a conflict or protect ones privacy. But the problem is, it never ends there. It slowly grows, expands from a small seemingly harmless lie to bigger and bigger ones. Before you know it, you are lying more and more and even lying to cover up the previous lie. It just goes on and on leading the person into a false sense that they have succeeded in getting away with it.

Soon lying and manipulating becomes part of ones life. Before you know it, you are lying to your loved ones for no apparent reason, even going down the part of infidelity, leading a double life, all of which seemingly starts off from a small harmless lie. A person then starts to even believe their own lies and may even come to the conclusion that all others are buying their stories.

The problem is, people start to smell the bullshit after awhile but they don’t make the person aware of it. Every lie or manipulation that they are being subject too adds a new wall between the victim and the perpertrator.

At some point, the victims will see through all the facade and quietly moving away with a smile not wanting to burst the bubble. And such smiles brings relief to the liar who now thinks they have successfuly gotten away with it. Not realising, they may have “apparently” succeeded with their lies but lost the very truth that was in front of them.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
― Adolf Hitler


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