The need to be certain

The only thing in life you can be certain of is uncertainty. I think most people will be reflecting on this over the next two weeks as the government ordered a partial shutdown for two weeks (March 18-31) to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. This means, closed schools, offices and restaurants.

Most salaried employees will be able to enjoy a full salary as the two-weeks are expected to fall under the “sick leave” while those providing services and those paid on a daily basis will be financially hit as they go on unpaid leave. I fall under the second category as I run my own business (504 Studios & Joy With Music). For my music classes, since they are private one on one classes, most parents are asking me to continue the lessons. There are a few who have opted to break till April 2020. I am still processing everything and will have to play it by the ear.

Since I will be home bound the next two weeks, it gives me a good opportunity to wrap up some ongoing projects by putting in extra hours and attempting to finish it early.

But what happens after 31st of March 2020 is a bit uncertain for now. I enjoy routines and some level of certainty when it comes to day-to-day living but this type of uncertainty, whilst triggering some fear, gives me an opportunity to reflect, understand and remind myself that everything about this world is uncertain and nothing is within our control.

Such thoughts have led many to panic over the last couple of days and you can see the fear in their faces. Yesterday, as I was having tea at a restaurant, I saw the owner and his wife looking extremely stressed out at having to close the restaurant for two weeks. The workers looked gloomy perhaps wondering if they will be paid during this shutdown period.

All that aside, this is a good time to just be, think about our fears, try to understand them and have a fresh outlook on life

Anything that is overcome has to be conquered again and again. No problem can be finally overcome, conquered; it can be understood but not conquered. They are two completely different processes and the conquering process leads to further confusion, further fear. To resist, to dominate, to do battle with a problem or to build a defence against it is only to create further conflict, whereas if we can understand fear, go into it fully step by step, explore the whole content of it, then fear will never return in any form.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

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