Stop Spreading Fake News

One of the big challenges that I face during this lock down period is the amount of WhatsApp messages being shared around, with all kinds of alleged incidents. Considering that I am not in many groups, I am sure that others are receiving much more.

If you received any such messages, before forwarding it out to others, do a quick search online to verify if is true. Otherwise, you are not only guilty of spreading false new, but also instilling unnecessary fear in others.

It would be helpful if that one actually finds any useful information and share that instead such as scientific articles. Earlier today, I read a wonderful informative piece on Malaysiakini, which was made available for free. (you don’t need to be subscribed to read the full article)

Covid-19: Who gets tested and how it works

Such a wonderful piece by Koh Jun Lin. If you are looking to better understand the procedure to be tested by Covid-19, do read it up and share it with your family and friends.

This type of information should have been published on official channels. Kudos to Malaysiakini for getting this out there. I am sure it will be widely shared on social platforms as this is the type of information the public is looking for.

Stay safe. Stay at home. In the meantime, watch this video below which explains a little about the virus.

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