Social Distancing or Physical Distancing

Found this interesting quote on Matt Mullenweg’s blog. Probably sums up the proper term that we should be using all over the world.

I’ve really had enough of this term “social distancing.” That is not at all what we are looking for, is it? It should be “physical distancing.” In these times of rampant loneliness (especially for seniors), disconnection, and lack of empathy and compassion, we need the opposite — social connecting. And we need it under these circumstances more than ever. Let’s be creative in finding new ways to come together.

Adam Gazzaley, M. D., Ph. D, University of California, San Francisco

The government in Malaysia is trying their level best to educate the public on the need to be at home. But many are still not bothered defying orders. You even read about a man who despite being suspected and tested for Covid-19, (results show positive now) defied everyone and took a bus from Johor to Pahang quitely, potentially infecting others on the bus. And finally, people are now stealing hand sanitisers from hospitals.

The government is mulling over the idea of imposing more restrictions if compliance is still low. We shall see what happens in the next few days. May the divine bless everyone everywhere with love and compassion.

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