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Rakyat Post: Media offering a deformed outlook on life?

I was recently interviewed for an article featured in the Rakyat Post on whether the media offers a deformed outlook on life. Thanks to Kamini for this interview. The Rakyat Post is a relatively new online daily here in Malaysia. It has some pretty interesting write ups and feature stories.

Here is the short quote which I gave as part of the interview:

Digital media practitioner V. Kugantharan says the media cannot be entirely blamed for promoting an altered perception of life.

“I wouldn’t say that it’s the media that give us distorted points of view, but it’s our attitude towards it. We could be watching a movie, and when we are not sure of something, we look it up in Wikipedia. We put a stop to our own excitement.

“Many of us lack the discipline to manage our time and limit our access to the media,” says Kugan, quoting philosopher Henry David Thoreau, who said “We have more and more ways to communicate, but less and less to say”.

You can read the full article from The Rakyat Post here.

Kugan Kumar

V.Kugantharan is the founder of Joy With Music, where he teaches adults and kids the joys of playing the piano. He also runs a web design agency, 504 Studios. A father of a very "opinionated" four-year-old, he divides his time between his passions -- blogging, reading, music, design and books.

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