Rose Quartz aka Rosie

Zeenee has been talking about adopting a cat the past couple of months. We finally did it! Zeenee, Saivhes and I are proud owners of Rose Quartz aka Rosie. A special thanks to Suja, a friend of Zeenee’s who has been rescuing stray animals and providing shelter and adoption for them. You can check out her blog at She has plenty of cats and dogs up for adoption.

Suja was also extremely kind to deliver the cat to our home as well as provide a “starter pack” which consists of cat food, feeding bowl, a toy and a few other essentials.

We went over to a pet shop in Bangsar yesterday and purchased a few other things for Rosie like a scratch pad (you can view it in the background of the photo), fur comb, medication to avoid ticks as well as cat food (“Addiction”) specially picked by Zeenee after her long research online.

According to her research:

“Addiction” is world renowned as the leader in hypoallergenic pet nutrition, Addiction offers the widest and finest range of pet foods made from premium proteins and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Free from harmful additives and by-products, Addiction has amassed a passionate following among discerning pet owners seeking the ultimate in Holistic Nutrition.


Her choice was “Salmon Blue”, featuring Pacific Salmon from the bluest oceans, Addiction’s Salmon Bleu is a hypoallergenic diet with an optimal balance of essential nutrients. High in Omega 3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants, this premium grain-free diet with smoked salmon makes a delicious, gourmet meal and is ideal for cats of all life stages.

This is obviously after thorough research ensuring that there was no chance to locally purchase organic vegetarian cat food which is available in the US!

Kugan Kumar

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