R K Narayan

Just completed two books from R K Narayan:

Swami and Friends

Swami and Friends is the story of ten-year old Swaminathan, a boy full of innocence, wonder, and mischief, and his experiences growing up in the fictional town of Malgudi. He is a student at the British-established Albert Mission School, which stresses Christianity, English literature, and the value of education. Life changes dramatically for young Swami when Rajam – a symbol of colonial power – joins the school, and becomes his close friend.

My days

My days is an autobiography of RK Narayan where he talks about his childhood as well as growing up in Mysore, his marriage and his earlier writings. I have another journal cum autobiography of him titled, My Dateless Diary which was written during his travels to the United States.

Both are really great reads. Just started reading The Bachelor of Arts. Any RK Narayan fans out there? Trying to complete my collection. Other titles I have so far are Vendor of Sweets, The English Teacher & Mr.Sampath. His books are not that easily available here. A few of the titles were bought from Silverfish Books, Bangsar. I think they have a few more. Need to stop by their store soon.


Kugan Kumar

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