Saivhes Pulls Himself Up

Yesterday, Saivhes pulled himself up to a standing position while lying down on the cot. I left him inside the cot as he was looking sleepy and I was lying down on the bed beside. After sometime, he started to roll about indicating that he was in a playful mood and not sleepy. So what I did was start to talk to him from the bed but of course he (…) Read more

Saivhes & His Bottle

There is this bottle handle we discovered earlier today at Babyland by Phillips. It attaches to any Avent series bottle providing two handles on eacb side for the baby to learn to grip the bottle. We bought, tested it out with Saivhes and to our amazement, he was actually enjoying himself holding the bottle and drinking milk! He has been trying hard to hold his bottle by himself before this (…) Read more

Saivhes & His Two Friends

Saivhes has had this fascination for two of his soft toys. Ee Yaw & Grouch. They were actually Isaac’s toys when he was young making them about 15 years old I think. I always make this funny voices for Ee Yaw & Grouch when playing with Saivhes. Decided to do a recording of it last weekend. 🙂

Steve Jobs The Biography

Finally got a copy of this book thanks to Zeenee. Began reading it two days back. It’s been an amazing read so far and I’m sure Walter Isaacson’s book will be topping the charts for some time. If you are planning to buy this in Malaysia, don’t bother getting it from anywhere other than Borders. Most places are charging RM99.90 for it but you can get it for a 20% (…) Read more

Sherlock – The Brilliant TV Series

We were at MG Cafe, Hartamas last weekend for tea and stopped by our favourite DVD shop. Zeenee randomly picked a series to watch. She knew that I was a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and saw this BBC series “Sherlock: Season 1”. I’ve just watched the first two episodes over two days. Each episode is about 1 and the half hours and I have to say that it is (…) Read more

Back to Basics

I’ve been doing web development for about 15 years now. I remember my first website hosted on geocities (now owned by Yahoo) and my first e-mail account (mailcity). Those days, design was limited to some basic GIF animated images and text. Photos were also in low resolution as the large ones took ages to load. Then the world wide web got bigger and bigger and websites became more sophisticated filled (…) Read more

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