Outing with Vijay & Sharanya

Got back from Singapore on Friday. It was a really tiring and busy trip. So we decided wind down and spend some with with Vijay and Sharanya just relaxing, enjoying some good food and catching up. Had lunch at the new vegetarian restaurant “Secret Recipe: Beyond Veggie” in Tropicana City Mall. Later went to Pavillion and Lot 10. More Photos:

Nooran Sisters & Sneha Khanwalkar – Pure Genius

I stumbled across this program hosted by 29 year old music producer Sneha Khanwalkar titled MTV Sound Trippin. Was watching the episode where she visited Punjab. What she does in this show is record local sounds both ambient and everyday singers to local musicians, and then creating a final piece of music that resonates the feel and the sounds from that location. Of course, this idea is not really knew. Have (…) Read more

The Shape of Sound

Recently, while reading Swami Sivananda’s Japa Yoga, I came across a passage of Swami talking about the shape of sound. He referred to experiments done by Margaret Watts-Hughes using a device she invented called the “Eidophone”. This to me is a really interesting discovery. I am familiar with the work done by Masaru Emoto of Japan on the water crystals and how words and writings effect the shape of crystals (…) Read more

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