#IkonEveryday: A Day With A Road Sweeper

I just watched this video on YouTube under the #IkonEveryday series. #IkonEveryday started its life as a Twitter hashtag. But this time they have taken to the ground to explore the gritty reality of the unseen people who do the jobs that are unappreciated in Malaysian society. This particular video features the road sweeper and the journalist, Sharmila Nair was my former class mate. Really inspiring and hopefully more people will (…) Read more

The Shocking Truth About Dairy Farming

Whilst I’ve been a vegetarian for slightly more than 6 years now, I’ve never really thought about dairy products. But after recently watching PETA’s video on dairy farming, I must say I am terribly disturbed by this whole issue. Definitely going to opt for soy milk only and find free range alternatives for cheese and milk(if required). I’m happy that Saivhes made the switch to Soy milk months back. He (…) Read more

Current Read: The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken

Just started reading this amazing book by Tarquin Hall. It’s the third from the Vish Puri series, India’s Most Private Investigator. Author Tarquin Hall is a British journalist who lives in Delhi and he has an outsider’s ability to spot the incongruities and telling detail that a local might take for granted. From the back cover: When the elderly father of a top Pakistani cricketer playing in the multi-million-dollar Indian Premier League (…) Read more

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