Outsourced Season 1, What A Show!

Just completed the one and only season (22 episodes) of Outsourced, a call centre in India. The show focuses on Todd Dempsy and a number of his employees working for the Mid America Novelties call center, along with other call center managers in the same building.

Truly enjoy every single episode. A combination of slapstick comedy, masala, love and fun. Such a pity that they cancelled the show after the first season. If you liked Mind Your Language, this is one show you will love. It’s sort of themed after the movie “Outsourced” which had a manager with the same first name, Todd who was moved to India to manage the call centre.

My favourite two characters were Gupta (Parvesh Cheena) and Rajiv (Rizwan Manji). Here are a couple of videos introducing both these characters. If you have time, do catch the show. It’s worth every second.

Kugan Kumar

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