Nooran Sisters & Sneha Khanwalkar – Pure Genius

I stumbled across this program hosted by 29 year old music producer Sneha Khanwalkar titled MTV Sound Trippin. Was watching the episode where she visited Punjab. What she does in this show is record local sounds both ambient and everyday singers to local musicians, and then creating a final piece of music that resonates the feel and the sounds from that location.

Of course, this idea is not really knew. Have seen it done by some US musicians before, forgot the name though. But the sheer quality and music she produced with relatively unheard of Nooran sisters was just sheer genius. Three videos you must watch.

1. The episode of Sound Trippin where Sneha does Punjab: Note: It’s in Hindi with some English: Click here to view the video

2. The song from the trip produced by Sneha Khanwalkar

3. Nooran Sisters performing on MTV’s Coke Sessions (another superb program). They performed the qawalli classic Allah Ho. Words can’t describe the performance.

Kugan Kumar

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