Mindful-Eating Meditation by Deepak Chopra

I’m half way through reading Deepak Chopra‘s new book titled “What you are you hungry for?”. Though the book focuses on permanent weight loss, well-being and lightness of the soul, I believe there are some gems in this book that everyone can benefit from. One of it is the mindful-eating meditation.

According to Deepak, this exercise increases our awareness and by eating one to two meals  a week this way you can gradually transform your relationship with food, achieving a new level of complete nutrition.

Here are simple steps for a mindful-eating meditation:

  1. Begin looking at your food and taking it in visually
  2. Become aware of your foods aroma; savor it for a moment
  3. When you taste each bit, intend to taste it fully, without distractions. Appreciate the texture of each bite as you chew.

That’s it! Simple right? I think this is a great exercise especially in a time like this where we are always multitasking while eating, e.g.talking on the phone, updating social media statuses and perhaps even instragramming while eating.

Kugan Kumar

V.Kugantharan is the founder of Joy With Music, where he teaches adults and kids the joys of playing the piano. He also runs a web design agency, 504 Studios. A father of a very "opinionated" four-year-old, he divides his time between his passions -- blogging, reading, music, design and books.

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