Matt Mullenweg gives up his smartphone for Lent

One of the other people I admire apart from the late Steve Jobs is Matt Mullenweg. Not exactly a familiar name here in Malaysia but for the benefit of those who don’t know, he is the founder of WordPress. To give you an idea on how big WordPress is – almost 20% of websites on the internet are powered by this platform!

As Lent is coming, Matt announced on his blog that he will be giving up his smartphone for almost 6 weeks. He will be using a basic phone to make phone calls for business purposes.

The idea is there will not be a device on me 24/7 that I’m tethered to, constantly looking at, and lost and hopeless without.

I think this is truly an amazing step by this tech mogul. In a world where everyone seems to be to absorbed with their digital devices, it’s actually great to take a step back and perhaps move away from unnecessary usage of devices. Of course, his effort is only for six weeks but he rightly points out that,

You obviously can’t turn back the clock on progress, so I don’t expect this to be a permanent thing, but I’m curious what I miss the most, how it affects my ability to focus throughout the day, and how it changes my relationships with other people, especially the lack of messaging.

I’m actually tempted to see how I can take up a challenge such as this. Considering the fact that I use my phone camera a lot, having a good digital camera would actually be sufficient. We’ll see how it goes.

Remember this video?

Ready to give up your phone? Please share your thoughts. I’m curious.

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