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I love burgers. And ever since I became a vegetarian, it is so difficult to get a decent vege-patty burger. Mc D’s here don’t have one and the one at Burger King has no patty, just greens and mushrooms.

I heard that Carl’s Jr has one with portobello mushroom but yet to try that. Friends and I used to frequent Cavells Restaurant and Bar at Desa Sri Hartamas, and we discovered that they make decent vegetarian food. I’ll keep the review of their dishes for another time. Meanwhile, they have a vege burger that is pretty good…mock-chicken patty, sauteed mushrooms dressing and cheddar to top.

Got inspired by it and tried my own:


Sliced tomatoes
Sliced cucumber
Wholemeal bread
Shitake mushroom
Garlic butter
Italian herbs
Coarse pepper
Sliced cheese
Mushroom-stem burger patty (available at vege marts)
Lingam chili sauce

1. Grill the patty either in the oven or on the stove for about 5 minutes
2. Sautee the chopped shitake mushrooms with garlic butter, pepper and Italian herbs
3. Butter the bread, arrange lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber on one slice. Top with cheese, grilled patty and sauteed mushroom before adding a dollop of chili sauce. Enjoy!

Source: http://wannamakan.com

Kugan Kumar

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