Introducing Saivhes, our lovely darling baby

Our baby is about a month old now..4 1/2 weeks to be precise.

We’ve named him Saivhes. What’s the meaning?

Saivhes – साइवेश : Sai means Mother & Father or Lord/God. Vhes is derived from the Sanskrit word vesh which means “Servant of” or “Man of” (eg. Vaishnuvesh – Man of Vishnu). It can also mean “wrapped with” as used in the word veshti. Hence Saivhes (साइवेश) means Man of God, Servant of God, Man wrapped in God’s grace. So Saivesh Kugantharan is written as साइवेश कूगनथरन”

We took a long time to come up with this name as it had to fit both his horoscope as well as numerology hence you will notice that the “h” is placed after the “v” instead of “Saivesh” after the “s”

Saivhes at 1 month

Kugan Kumar

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