Fixi Launches KL Noir Yellow

Fixi has just launched KL Noir Yellow, the fourth and final installment of the KL Noir series. I’m truly happy for my friend Sukhbir, whose short story “The Lost Pilgrim”, is featured in the book. He’s a good friend for many years. I recently worked on his website, Sukhbirism.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never purchased the KL Noir series bu I’ve been seeing this book on display in every bookstore I visit.

worldcup-front-1397501908So #KLNoirYellow will be my first purchase. Fixi has been quite fascinating. I love the artwork of their books. They recently won the coveted The Bookseller International Adult Trade Publisher Award at the International Book Industry Excellence Awards – which was held during the London Book Fair. I think the local scene needs more support and hopefully more people will buy books from local publishers.

Another book I’m looking to get from Fixi is “How Malaysia Never Reached the World Cup” by Lucius Maximus (a pseudonym). The book, originally written in Bahasa Malaysia and translated into English by Adit Rahim, chronicles every World Cup qualifying game that Malaysia participated in since 1974. Hopefully it’s available at Borders or MPH, Bangsar Village.

Have any of you read books from Fixi? What would you recommend? They seem to have quite a number of English titles under the Fixi Novo series.

Kugan Kumar

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