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Firefighter, Patrick Jackson, builds a Google Glass App that saves lives

Patrick Jackson, a firefighter from North Carolina, has built a Google Glass App which can save lives! Being in the tech industry, you read and hear about many amazing things being accomplished but this has to fall in the category of “outstanding”. Brilliant use of technology coming from a firefighter with a passion for programming.

What’s interesting is the fact that he purchased his Google Glass by crowd-funding. He successfully raised USD$2000 and then built the app that can potentially change how firefighters work in future. This isn’t his first app thought. He created  the app Firefighter Log for smartphones around 2010.[sociallocker id=”2518″]

The app integrated the department’s dispatch system, facilitating instant notifications, closest hydrants, and maps, the department has used the tool for the past two years, with firefighters downloading it across the country.

Jackson’s Google Glass app allows for all incoming emergency dispatch calls to come directly to his device. He then uses Glass to lead his unit to the location and find the nearest fire hydrant while en route, saving precious time.

Patrick Jackson

Patrick Jackson

When someone calls 911 and asks questions from dispatch, that info drops into a database which the app picks up. Patrick Jackson then gets a notification, often while the dispatcher is still gathering info.

He says this gives as much as 30 seconds to a minute of lead time to act, “which could be big in a fire or a heart attack.”

You can watch a video of his app here:

You can read the full story on Patrick Jackson here @ FastCompany

It honestly makes me very happy to see such innovations. Many a times you find useless products and apps being rolled out on a daily basis. Definitely tough to find apps that changes the way people work, changes society or the way people live in general. Hopefully Patrick will get more funding for his app that can help him expand.


Image Source @ Fastcompany

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