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I stumbled across this interesting website –

pitchIN - Crowd Funding in Malaysia

It’s a Malaysian based website where project owners raise funds for their creative projects through crowd funding. Not a new concept but a pretty decent site. The owners have summarized the website in the paragraph below:

The crowd funding model adopted by pitchIN is only for non-equity projects. People contribute money to a project (not a company) with no expectation of financial return. The reward for their contribution can be summed as such:

  • Emotion (the good feeling that comes from having helped a worthy cause)
  • Nominal (your name in the credits, a thank-you note from the project owners) and
  • Product-based (you get one or more products from the first production run

They also have an interesting policy where projects that do not meet the funding goal at the end of the project duration, are not paid. People who make the pledges will also not be charged.

Projects at pitchIN must meet their funding target when the campaign ends, or no money changes hands.

From the few ideas posted, at least one guy got his work funded, with a generous donation of $1600 from an anonymous individual who essentially covered 95% of his target!

A project that caught my eye which you may be interested in supporting would be HypoBand – The Life Saver by Geoff TanHypoBand – The Life Saver is a soon to be launched product, designed to alert caregivers, when the life of a diabetic patient is in danger. It is designed to work, during cold sweat; (Hypoglycemia) in which a distress call is made on auto mode.

Interested to pitch your idea? Visit

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