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Covid-19 seems to bring the best and worst out of people

Everyone is slowly getting used to the idea of the lockdown/MCO. It seems that the lockdown may be further extended till the end of April. The government has announced various subsidies and plans to help our businesses but from a quick glance, these are going to benefit medium to large sized businesses. Smaller businesses will most likely have to wade through the pandemic themselves. We shall see how that goes.

Everytime I browse through an online news site, there seems to be so many strange stories related to Covid-19.

In India, migrant workers are sprayed with disinfectant used to sanitise buses. According to Indian media reports, the chemical used was sodium hypochlorite, the main ingredient in bleach. I think they were returning to their hometowns due to the lockdown and after sanitizing the bus, the workers then got the people to sit in a group and decided to sanitize them. Seems like fear can drive people to do crazy things!

But not all is bad. I read this wonderful article on Al-Jazeera on how Refugees are giving back to Malaysia in these uncertain times.

The fastest response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the refugee communities in Kuala Lumpur has come from within the communities themselves. Face masks, soaps, sanitiser and food are being distributed in the most crowded and vulnerable refugee communities.

“Many people call me as a community leader asking for food, asking me how can they go for COVID-19 checks,” Ismail said. “People cannot go out for doing their jobs anymore. Malaysian people have the government to help them, but the government doesn’t provide any aid for refugees. Many of them are daily workers, they earn 30-40 Malaysian ringgit ($7-9), they will use that amount every day to buy food, medicine, and pay their rents.”

Read the full article here

After missing for three days, the bread truck finally arrives at the grocery store near my house. Glad that at least the basic food items are still available for purchase.

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