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Cooking During the MCO

One of the challenges during the Movement Control Order (MCO) is getting some decent food. So I’ve decided to just spend time cooking all my meals. Here is a selection of some food I’ve cooked over the MCO period.

Fried Pasta (Indian Style)
Rava Dosa with Soy Meal Maker Peratal

Getting wholemeal bread during the MCO is another challege. It is always out of stock at the grocery store near my house. It’s a nationwide problem as everyone is just buying in bulk these days.

So I decided to just try making chapati. Bought some Atta flour and this can just be my wholemeal replacement bread. Yesterday was the first day I tried it. It was a bit difficult to get the right consistency for the dough and I could barely make it round. But it tasted really good. Yummy! Cooked some vegetarian soy fish peratal to go with it.

Preparing the chapati dough
Chapati with some vegetarian fish peratal. 

I’m going to attempt the chapati again today and try ot make it round. I’ll post some photos later.

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