Cooked With Love – Chef Shamini

I was supposed to blog about this earlier but never found the time, but better late than never!

Zeenee, Saivhes and I tried our first Plate Culture experience with Chef Shamini, who served us an extremely delicious dinner. Plate Culture allows you to transform your home into a private kitchen with you being the chef. Interesting concept allowing people to taste home cooked meals anywhere they go.

We were served a variety of vegetarian dishes that ended with some lovely dessert and Masala Chai. Shamini was also very kind in accommodating Saivhes, our soon to be four year old. Despite being a picky eater, he actually ate all that was on his plate. His favourite was the vegetarian lasagna as well as the dessert.

Here are some photos from that day. If you are keen to try out a vegetarian plate culture experience, do book Chef Shamini by clicking here.

At Cooked With Love, Chef Shamini brings out her passion for delicious and exquisite comfort food, mostly Vegetarian – presented to you right in her home! Anything cooked with Love, will always be very delightful and delicious! Her culinary delights is a sum of Malaysian Indian taste with a twist of the Western world, sometimes Asian!

Kugan Kumar

V.Kugantharan is the founder of Joy With Music, where he teaches adults and kids the joys of playing the piano. He also runs a web design agency, 504 Studios. A father of a very "opinionated" four-year-old, he divides his time between his passions -- blogging, reading, music, design and books.

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