Happy 63rd Birthday Sir Richard Branson!

The great entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson turns 63 today. Here is some great advise from the iconic Virgin Group founder. 1. “A business can be started with very little money.” When Branson was 15 years old, he decided he wanted to start a magazine to give young people a way to speak out against the Vietnam War. He didn’t have any money–not even enough change to make a phone call. But (…) Read more

Ancient Chinese Gender Chart

I think we are all fascinated by the ability to be able to discern the sex of our baby before birth. The biggest question still lies within the validity of the answers to that question, “Is it a girl or a boy?”. Zeenee and I have decided to just wait it out and let the whole gender thing be a surprise. There is this famous ancient chinese gender chart though. Legend (…) Read more

MIX FM Brain Freeze

Zee and I listen to Mix FM on the way to work each morning mainly trying to solve their interesting puzzles in a session they call “Brain Freeze”. Tried calling in for the zillionth time yesterday (thanks to strong motivation from Zeenee), finally got through and won! The prize? Two dining vouchers. Where? Langkawi!!! Flight tickets and hotel was not provided though. You can listen to the clip here:

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