A Few Days at the Luscious Greens of Adeline’s Villa in Gopeng, Perak

The company which I work at, Lava, organized a get-together at the beautiful green resort, Adeline’s Villa. recently. It was great fun and a much needed getaway with the team to realign ourselves. The added bonus was the self-evaluation (Myers Brigg Type Indicator) done during this three day trip. It not only gave me a lot of insights about my personality but also the people I work with. One of (…) Read more

A Visit to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre

Last weekend, Zeenee, Saivhes and I visited the Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre. It was a good experience and would recommend anyone looking for a quick getaway from Klang Valley to check this place out. The Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre is an elephant sanctuary located in Temerloh in the state of Pahang, Malaysia within the Krau Game Reserve. The Centre was established in 1989 by the Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks, and forms a base for the Elephant Relocation (…) Read more

The Beautiful Private Game Reserve called Thula Thula

I hope that someday, Zeenee, Saivhes and I will be able to stay at this beautiful 4500 ha private game reserve called Thula Thula. They have this beautiful luxurious tents as well as an awesome surrounding. This place was bought over and developed by the late Lawrence Anthony, the elephant whisperer and from their website, they cater to vegetarians as well.

Our Stay At Spices Residence – Georgetown, Penang

Looking for a great place to stay in Penang? How would you like to spend quality time with your family and/or friends, visiting old Penang Heritage, enjoy local cuisine and not have to drive all over town? My wife discovered this place in Georgetown called “Spices”. It’s a boutique hotel in the heart of the city. Lovely location and service. One of the main reasons we loved this place even more (…) Read more

Workshop at Salesforce Singapore

Just got back from an extremely tiring but amazing workshop at Salesforce Asia HQ in Singapore with Rayyan and Wilson. The training was conducted by Alyce Chow, Area Vice President for Asia. Very insightful and can’t wait to apply a lot of the new strategies and techniques. Also manage to catch up with our good friend Francis of Salesforce.com for dinner. Some photos shared below. We had dinner at Pasta (…) Read more

A visit to Taiping Equine Park

When were in Taiping recently, we visited the Taiping Equine Park. Though it was already past the closing time, Ms. Dinah Redmond, the park manager welcomed us and showed us the well kept stable and their beautiful horses. Unlike other stables, this was extremely clean without the usual “smell” you get at Zoos or parks such as this which usually indicated poor maintenance. The stable manager was very friendly and spoke about (…) Read more

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