Dobhi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries)

Zeenee, Ranima and I watched Dobhi Ghat last weekend. If you are expecting a typical Aamir Khan movie, you may be disappointed. Mumbai Dairies (Dhobi Ghat) is an Indian arthouse film which marks an impressive first feature from Kiran Rao, an AD on Lagaan and Monsoon Wedding who happens to be married to Aamir Khan. The movie revolves around four characters – a solitary painter called Arun, a female Wall (…) Read more

Narayanan Krishnan

This is an amazing video of Narayanan Krishnan, who founded his nonprofit Akshaya Trust in 2003. Every day, he wakes up at 4 a.m., cooks a simple hot meal and then, along with his team, loads it in a van and travels about 200 kilometres (120 mi) feeding the homeless in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to 400 indigent and elderly people in Madurai. Since 2003, (…) Read more

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