Outing with Vijay & Sharanya

Got back from Singapore on Friday. It was a really tiring and busy trip. So we decided wind down and spend some with with Vijay and Sharanya just relaxing, enjoying some good food and catching up. Had lunch at the new vegetarian restaurant “Secret Recipe: Beyond Veggie” in Tropicana City Mall. Later went to Pavillion and Lot 10. More Photos:

Saivhes’s Haircut at KoolKutz

Saivhes just got his haircut at Bangsar Village. Previously, Zeenee took him to A Cut Above but she felt that it was really not suitable for kids with to much distractions, especially for a toddler. So she decided to give KoolKutz a go. It’s a superb place to get your toddlers haircut. They’ve got this toy cars which doubles as a chair and toddlers get distracted playing the toy car (…) Read more

It’s been almost 3 months!

It’s been three months since I’ve updated this blog. Wow! Saivhes is growing really fast. He’s running all around house, climbing chairs and tables. Chewing everything which comes along his way. He speaks a combination of words you can understand and some baby talk. His first words were “Baba” by the way. I was playing the piano one day while singing from a bhajan book which had a small photo (…) Read more

Saivhes Turns One!

My darling Saivhes turned one last May 27th. I know I’ve not updated this blog in the past four months. Apologies for that as I’ve been too tied up with work, family and just enjoying spending time with Saivhes. We had a beautiful birthday celebration in Port Dickson with his great grand parents and some very close friends and family. Zeenee practically organized the whole event herself including making all (…) Read more

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