Can you actually buy good toys for reasonable prices in Malaysia?

Most parents would have gone through the experience of walking into a toy store here in Malaysia, picking up a nice looking toy, looking at the price and going..”What The….?????” As a parent of a 5 year old, I have gone through that not just once but many times. I am not sure why, but toys are becoming more and more expensive by the day. Just go into Toys R’ (…) Read more

Saivhes’s Watercolour Paintings

Some of Saivhes’s watercolour paintings in 2014 (Aged 3). Zeenee has done an amazing job in teaching him art. He even selected the colours to be used for all the paintings. Really beautiful. Looking forward to more of his artwork this coming year. Maybe even trying it on canvas with oil paint.

The Eping Baptist Church is Amazingly Child/Family Friendly

Zeenee, Saivhes and I were at the Eping Baptist Church (Sydney) for Good Friday today and I must say that we were highly impressed with the church’s family/child friendly facilities. If only other centres and organizations here in Malaysia can follow this example, it would be just awesome! This is a great example of embracing parenting, perhaps even promoting it in organizations. As a parent, we would definitely have no (…) Read more

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