20 Amazing Cloud Formations

Clouds are formed in the Earth’s atmosphere when water evaporates into vapor from oceans, lakes, ponds, and even streams and rivers; and by evaporation or transpiration over moist areas of Earth’s land surface. The vapor rises up into colder areas of the atmosphere due to convective, orographic, or frontal lifting. Check out this link 20 Amazing Cloud Formations.

You’re a stay-at-home mom? What do you DO all day?

I recently stumbled upon this article by Matt Walsh. I think everyone should read this. Even I’m at times guilty of this. Underestimating the role mothers play in the upbringing of children and more importantly take for granted the sacrifices they make taking care of our children 24/7 whilst we make pale comparisons to our daily work in the office. One think I would like to tell my wife Zeenee (…) Read more

The Mind-blowing Strandbeest of Theo Jansen

I stumbled across this amazing invention by Theo Jansen called the Strandbeest.  (Dutch: strand=beach; beest=beast). In 1990, he began what he is known for today: building large mechanisms out of PVC that are able to move on their own, known as Strandbeest. His animated works are a fusion of art and engineering. Constructed as intricate assemblages of piping, wood, and wing-like sails, Jansen’s creations are constantly being improved and have become excellently (…) Read more

The Boy Genius of Ulan Bator, Mongolia

How does a student from a country in which a third of the population is nomadic, living in round white felt tents…ace an M.I.T. course even though nothing like this is typically taught in Mongolian schools?” That’s the question posed by Laura Pappano, an education journalist and the writer in residence at Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College in her New York Times article. Thanks to The Next Draft for (…) Read more

A Look at the Cloud Computing Trend in Malaysia & Where It’s Potentially Heading

The past few years, there’s been a strong buzz on “Cloud Computing”. You find many local businesses now offering “Cloud” services and applications. In America, virtually every technological product out there has the “cloud” element in it. Even Adobe Creative Suite is now available on the cloud. Imagine, Photoshop and Illustrator now on the cloud! In Malaysia, there seems to be a strong belief that cloud computing is still at (…) Read more

WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg On Working From Home, Making Money Without Ads, and more

Techcrunch TV did a nice short interview, WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg On Working From Home, Making Money Without Ads, and more. For those who don’t know, Matt Mullenweg is the founder of WordPress, an open source blogging & content management tool. Matt also established Audrey, an angel investment and research company created to help innovative ideas grow. He is one of those in the tech world I really admire. In this short (…) Read more

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