Armed with a Thermometer

Highly recommended for all daddies: A Thermometer.

On New Years Eve, Zee had a bad bout of fever. She was  also coughing real bad. It was late in the evening and her temperature was 101’F. Some quick research and I found out that it was a borderline temperature which could affect the baby. Called Dr.Kala and she recommended some paracetamol. I also used a damp cloth to cool her forehead and took her temperature every few hours. It finally came down the next day. But she’s been having very chesty cough the past week. Seems to be getting better so keeping my fingers crossed. We’ve temporarily stopped visiting Harishini at the hospital.

Babycentre has some advise for fever and flu:

Rest assured that a brief fever is unlikely to do any harm and can be treated with acetaminophen. But if the fever gets really high or lasts a long time, it’s best to call your doctor. When flu season rolls around, keep in mind that all pregnant women, regardless of how far along they are, are advised to get a flu shot, which can help prevent flu-related fevers.

Anyway from what I’ve read, pregnancy tends to lowers the immune system and I don’t think that the hospital is the best place to be visiting at the moment.

I did however visit Harishini two days ago. She seems to be improving quite a bit and may be discharged soon. Her wrist operation went on well and she is not undergoing some basic physiotherapy.

On a different note, here is something funny from the Jimmy Kimmel Show:

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