Al-Jazeera’s Head To Head with Richard Dawkins: Is Religion Good or Evil?

Just completed watching this amazing video on Al-Jazeera’s YouTube channel. Scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins is challenged on whether religion is a force for good or evil in the world. A critic of religious dogmatism, Professor Richard Dawkins revolutionised genetics in 1976 with the publication of The Selfish Gene. He has since written 12 more bestsellers, including The God Delusionwhich sold millions of copies, was translated into more than 30 languages, and catapulted him to the position of the world’s foremost atheist.

This is not for the faint of heart or those whom I’d like to call institutionalized as it is quite thought-provoking. Dawkins actually even makes a statement there which says that teaching religion to your child is as bad as child abuse. Mehdi Hassan, actually does an amazing job in holding the session together and moderating it pretty well. You can follow him on twitter here:

There are points where I agree and disagree in the video. but I’ll save that for another blog post. In the mean time, check out this video, which is available in HD:

You can watch it on YouTube directly at this link:

About Head to Head

Head to Head is Al Jazeera’s new forum for ideas, hosted by Mehdi Hasan. Hasan asks probing, hard-hitting questions few dare to ask and in each episode goes head to head with a special guest to  tackle some of the big issues of our time – faith, foreign intervention, the Middle East, US foreign policy, and the economic crisis – in front of an opinionated audience.

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