A visit to Taiping Equine Park

When were in Taiping recently, we visited the Taiping Equine Park. Though it was already past the closing time, Ms. Dinah Redmond, the park manager welcomed us and showed us the well kept stable and their beautiful horses. Unlike other stables, this was extremely clean without the usual “smell” you get at Zoos or parks such as this which usually indicated poor maintenance.

The stable manager was very friendly and spoke about one of their rescued horses, Synchan. Synchan was rescued about a year ago from its owner who had tortured the poor horse leaving it to die.


First treatment to his wound. He was found with a badly infected wound which was filled with maggots

Synchan is now much healthier and his leg is looking much stronger. He together with the other horses now are part of the parks Horse therapy program for special kids.

Horse Therapy Program

The park offers joy rides, horse riding lessons and hacking for adults and children, besides the horse assisted therapy for special needs children and advice for Pony Clubs in mainstream schools. This recent easy availability of horse riding in Taiping, which has a rich history of equine sports, is also a boost for its tourism industry.

If you do stop by Taiping, you must visit this equine park! They are in need of some financial aid as well. For companies and individuals who would like to sponsor a horse especially for the Horse Therapy Program, please call Dinah Redmond (012-3114177/012-3774177).

Kugan Kumar

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