Nick Vujicic Inspires Faith in Action with “Unstoppable”

Currently in the midst of reading Nick Vujicic‘s 2012 book, “Unstoppable”. I’ve been wanting to read it for sometime but only recently managed to get hold of the book. Nick’s videos have been very useful for the motivational talks I used to have with students (via the Sai Organization of Malaysia). In fact, we’ve been using his videos way before he became “famous” with the launch of his books and (…) Read more

An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist by Richard Dawkins

I’m currently reading this book. My second Richard Dawkins title, the first being “The God Delusion”. “An Appetite for Wonder” is an intimate memoir of the childhood and development of iconic scientist and renowned atheist, Richard Dawkins. The book covers the first half of his life up until the publishing of his first book and masterpiece, “The Selfish Gene”. Richard Dawkins is a bit of a controversial character especially here in Malaysia (…) Read more

Transgender, AIDS Sutra, Salman Rushdie & Everything In-Between

A Tamil movie I watched earlier today, reminded me of an article I read in this amazing book, AIDS Sutra, a few years ago. The Half-Woman God by Salman Rushdie which touches on the issue of transgender in India. The book was published in 2008 and features 16 prominent Indian authors from the likes of Kiran Desai, Vikram Setch, Shobhaa De and a few others. This particular movie portrayed a transgender (…) Read more

AR Rahman Launches, Aabhi Jaa , Exclusive 4K Video on YouTube

AR Rahman just released a 4k Ultra High Definition song video, “Aabhi Jha” for the very first time in India. Honestly, its the first 4k video I’ve actually seen on YouTube. “Aabhi Jaa” is a visual delight that has artistry inspired by Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings. The video features the beautiful Yami Gautam and Muzammil Ibrahim that harkens back to the days of dynasties ruling India. Rendered by Jonita Gandhi, (…) Read more

A Few Days at the Luscious Greens of Adeline’s Villa in Gopeng, Perak

The company which I work at, Lava, organized a get-together at the beautiful green resort, Adeline’s Villa. recently. It was great fun and a much needed getaway with the team to realign ourselves. The added bonus was the self-evaluation (Myers Brigg Type Indicator) done during this three day trip. It not only gave me a lot of insights about my personality but also the people I work with. One of (…) Read more

Matt Mullenweg gives up his smartphone for Lent

One of the other people I admire apart from the late Steve Jobs is Matt Mullenweg. Not exactly a familiar name here in Malaysia but for the benefit of those who don’t know, he is the founder of WordPress. To give you an idea on how big WordPress is – almost 20% of websites on the internet are powered by this platform! As Lent is coming, Matt announced on his (…) Read more

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
by Albert Einstein

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