A Talk on Vegetarianism for the Malaysian Pyramid Society

I was recently given an opportunity to speak on Vegetarianism at a meditation camp held by the Pyramid Society of Malaysia in Genting Highlands. I’ve never really done a talk on vegetarianism before so it was a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless there was some really good feedback after the talk. Played a video by Mercy for Animals which got some members of the audience cringing at the violence and (…) Read more

The Meditating Ganesha

Spent Saturday painting with my son, Saivhes. I think the last I tried painting was when I was 9 or 10 years old. Anyway, here’s something I just did. Painting with Saivhes feels somewhat therapeutic and relaxing. I’ve always enjoyed doing graphic design. Never really tried sketching or painting. Perhaps this is something I should try to learn. This first attempt is just something random I did. Took the paint (…) Read more

Children safety car seats in Malaysia, start using them now!

Why are safety car seats important? Motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 killer of kids! Why? In many cases, children are either not properly buckled into their safety seats or parents don’t realize that a booster seat is vital to ensuring children fit safely in their vehicle’s seat belt. It is probably the most overlooked thing here in Malaysia where I have personally seen many parents quite happy to (…) Read more

Firefighter Google Glass

Firefighter, Patrick Jackson, builds a Google Glass App that saves lives

Patrick Jackson, a firefighter from North Carolina, has built a Google Glass App which can save lives! Being in the tech industry, you read and hear about many amazing things being accomplished but this has to fall in the category of “outstanding”. Brilliant use of technology coming from a firefighter with a passion for programming. What’s interesting is the fact that he purchased his Google Glass by crowd-funding. He successfully (…) Read more

Rakyat Post

Rakyat Post: Media offering a deformed outlook on life?

I was recently interviewed for an article featured in the Rakyat Post on whether the media offers a deformed outlook on life. Thanks to Kamini for this interview. The Rakyat Post is a relatively new online daily here in Malaysia. It has some pretty interesting write ups and feature stories. Here is the short quote which I gave as part of the interview: Digital media practitioner V. Kugantharan says the media (…) Read more

The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony

I’m in the midst of reading my second Lawrence Anthony book, the first being “The Last Rhinos” which I completed about two months back. If you are interested in wildlife, animals, conservation or simply nature, this book is definitely for you. Have you read one of those books where you find it hard to put down and end up reading it in just a few days? This is one of (…) Read more