Dobhi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries)

Zeenee, Ranima and I watched Dobhi Ghat last weekend. If you are expecting a typical Aamir Khan movie, you may be disappointed. Mumbai Dairies (Dhobi Ghat) is an Indian arthouse film which marks an impressive first feature from Kiran Rao, an AD on Lagaan and Monsoon Wedding who happens to be married to Aamir Khan. The movie revolves around four characters – a solitary painter called Arun, a female Wall (…) Read more

Dinner at Rumahku

  Zee and I had dinner at Rumahku last night. From the outlook of this establishment, you may mistake it for a house on the side of  a very busy road. Although Rumahku is not a full vegetarian restaurant, they serve some excellent vegetarian dishes which aren’t available in the usual vegetarian restaurants. We highly recommend two dishes. They are not listed on the vegetarian menu but can be made (…) Read more

Armed with a Thermometer

Highly recommended for all daddies: A Thermometer. On New Years Eve, Zee had a bad bout of fever. She was  also coughing real bad. It was late in the evening and her temperature was 101’F. Some quick research and I found out that it was a borderline temperature which could affect the baby. Called Dr.Kala and she recommended some paracetamol. I also used a damp cloth to cool her forehead (…) Read more

A surprise from Zeenee

Came home yesterday after such a long day (work, editing the Chinese New Year Drama audio and finally centre committee meeting) to a beautiful surprise from Zeenee. There on the dining table was a Special Edition 52 Deck card with accompanying booklet of the Autobiography of a Yogi! Truly was not expecting anything like this. Paramahamsa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi is one of my all time favourite books and (…) Read more