WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg On Working From Home, Making Money Without Ads, and more

Techcrunch TV did a nice short interview, WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg On Working From Home, Making Money Without Ads, and more. For those who don’t know, Matt Mullenweg is the founder of WordPress, an open source blogging & content management tool. Matt also established Audrey, an angel investment and research company created to help innovative ideas grow. He is one of those in the tech world I really admire.

In this short but insightful video, Matt talks about the working from home concept and the WordPress teams favourite online tools for collaboration.

I guess in Malaysia, we are still far behind in terms of the working culture. We’ll probably get there in a few years where we can literally work from any location and use collaborative online tools to communicate while still maintaining a good healthy relationship with the team. Right now, companies are still unable to accept or adopt this new culture.

Check out the video here:

“Why are so many companies set into this factory model?” Mullenweg asked. “Find the best people you can and let them do their work.”

Of Automattic’s 150 employees, only around 20 come in to the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, Mullenweg said. The rest are spread around the world. And that has been the company’s philosophy from its founding 7 years ago. “We have the technology,” the well-known tech innovator said, referring to software that allows employees to connect in a variety of different ways, such as video and text, both synchronously and asynchronously.

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