A Few Days at the Luscious Greens of Adeline’s Villa in Gopeng, Perak

The company which I work at, Lava, organized a get-together at the beautiful green resort, Adeline’s Villa. recently. It was great fun and a much needed getaway with the team to realign ourselves. The added bonus was the self-evaluation (Myers Brigg Type Indicator) done during this three day trip. It not only gave me a lot of insights about my personality but also the people I work with. One of the amazing things about Lava is the diversity of people in the team.

We’ve got colleagues from Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Italy just to name a few. This makes it a truly rich experience and gives everyone an opportunity to work and learn about different cultures. Let’s get back to the trip. Some drove up to the place but majority of us took the chartered bus. There was just one sweet surprise as we reached Gopeng town.

The Lorry which transported us to Adeline Villa

The Lorry which transported us to Adeline Villa. Here’s Shaminee doing a quick pose in front of the lorry. Our luggage was transported using a smaller lorry.

The bus could only go up to a certain point as the roads were narrow. Adeline’s provided a shuttle to take us to the place and by shuttle, we mean a lorry! At first, I thought it was some kind of joke but realized soon that this was for real. It was fun, riding at the back of a lorry. We had to constantly duck each time we bumped into some branches or huge leaves. For those who were not paying attention to the road, a few “leave slaps” greeted them. Let me tell you this. Getting slapped by a banana leave at about 60 km/h can be a painful experience.

We reached the resort after a twenty minute ride on the lorry.

Getting slapped by banana leaves was rather painful

Getting slapped by a banana leaf was rather painful experience hence some of the team members were on the look out. “Smack!”

This is a beautiful place. The rooms were simple and clean and fitted with the basics. The main attraction of this resort apart from the whole green experience was the food. Do not panic if you fail to make a phone call. You will not get much mobile reception throughout the resort, due to its remote location. This can be a good thing when you are looking to take a break. The only downside for me was that I could not communicate much with Saivhes and Zeenee.

Being a vegetarian, I am used to the fact that when most hotels say they “serve” vegetarian food, it means you will most likely get fried rice or noodles daily. At Adeline’s, it was a completely different experience. They served extensive vegetarian meals each time. This included dishes like tofu curry, satay, wantan noodles, petai sambal and much more! Wow!

Enjoying ourselves after a hearty meal. They had a really spacious dining area.

Enjoying ourselves after a hearty meal. They had a really spacious dining area.

Kudos to the whole team at Adeline’s. This is what I call good hospitality. Going the extra mile. Four of us were vegetarians and they always ensured that we had enough and would even cook more food if we requested.

There was a basic meeting room where we held our team sessions. Evenings were spent relaxing with some light indoor games. There were some construction work going on. They are building more rooms to accommodate the huge demand. From what I hear, they are full almost every other day with majority of the visitors being expats and tourists. They offer packages for those who are interested in outdoor activities such as caving, jungle trekking, white water rafting and more.

Thumby Jones made a guest appearance at the resort.

Thumby Jones made a guest appearance at the resort. You can follow his adventures at http://www.thumbyjones.com

All in all, the trip was fantastic. Loads of fun and learning. I’ve worked with some teams in the past and must say that Team Lava is one of a kind. Filled with talented individuals, this team is definitely going places!

As for Adeline’s Villa, you could not have asked for a more relaxing and green environment to spend a few days. Away from all the buzz of the city, this place is the perfect spot for some fresh air and a quick getaway. I am looking forward to taking Saivhes and Zeenee here soon.

You can check out Adeline’s Villa on Facebook here.

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