The Value of Laughter by Harith Iskandar

I just finished watching this video by Harith Iskandar. It was a presentation at a TEDx event organized by Taylors College. He talks about his journey and how he decided to follow his passion. The interesting thing was, at the last part he speaks about not just doing what you love, but love what you do. Finding the passion in what you are currently doing which he strongly believes will lead you to discover what you are truly passionate about.

I really can’t help but agree with this. I speak of this from my own personal experience. Not many around me now would know, some of the stuff I have done in the past which I am very proud of. Back in 1998, I had an idea to launch an on-line hip hop portal. Many friends and family shunned the idea, thinking that it was a waste of time. Being very passionate about music, I pursued this passion, built the website, went on to jointly form a recording company and it became very successful. I don’t really want to go into the details of what was achieved. Perhaps I’ll just mention that it became the largest site of is kind in Asia by 2001 receiving about 6 million unique visits a year, pretty large if you consider it was in 2001/2002.

Of course, the whole idea peaked and at some point slowed down where I then chose to end it, about 8 years later. The amazing thing was realizing only now, how many lives were touched during this time and how this whole idea launched the careers of many Malaysian hip hop artists today.

Recently I actually stumbled across a tweet below which truly inspired me:

While that’s in the past, I am still passionate about what I do today (though in a slightly different field) and I hope to help businesses and brands expand through the social web. Perhaps soon I will find an idea similar to what I’ve done before, like Harith Iskandar says, (I’ve rephrased it to flow better):

When I was working three years at the ad agency, I worked my butt off. I was not enjoying the work but enjoyed working my butt off. Find the passion in what you are doing now. Do what you love and love what you do. If you work your butt off and find a way to love what you are doing now, you are in fact exercising love and passion. And by exercising that muscle, I can almost guarantee that something else would come up that you find strongly attracted and passionate about. By then, you know that you are already hard-working and you can succeed. And THIS will give you the strength to pursue that passion.

Check out the full video below:

Kugan Kumar

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