Saivhes Turns One!

Zeenee’s amazing deco

My darling Saivhes turned one last May 27th. I know I’ve not updated this blog in the past four months. Apologies for that as I’ve been too tied up with work, family and just enjoying spending time with Saivhes.

We had a beautiful birthday celebration in Port Dickson with his great grand parents and some very close friends and family. Zeenee practically organized the whole event herself including making all the main decorations. Just look at how beautiful the banner above is. Fully hand made by her.

Saivhes giving a pose on his birthday

The theme was Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. That’s Saivhes’s favourite book at the moment. He seems to be very captivated by the art work of Eric Carle.

For his cake which was made by Aunty Janice (Zeenee’s aunt), I designed an image based on the artwork of Eric Carle and then got it printed on edible sugar paper. It was then beautifully layered on the cake.

The birthday cake

I only wished my late mother was here to celebrate this with us.┬áMore photos are available on my personal Facebook page. Don’t really want to post them here. If you want to view them, add me on Facebook.

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