Saivhes & Swimming

Zeenee got this book last week. How To Teach Your Baby To Swim. Part of the Glenn Doman collection. She’s been trying out many methods by Glenn Doman on Saivhes and it seems to be working really well.

For swimming, to get Saivhes started by swimming on his own, one of the things he would need to do is learn to hold his breath for probably a second or two. This is to allow him to dip his head in the water etc.

To achieve this, Zeenee has now started by gently letting water flow on Saivhes’ head using the shower when he is bathing. She does it for a second or two and then stops. He is slowly learning to adjust. We’ll take him swimming again soon, this time let him have a full dip in the water!

Kugan Kumar

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