A Must Watch: The Indian Doctor, Thank You iflix!

I’m not sure how I missed this series, but thanks to iflix (sort of a Malaysian version of Netflix), I’ve started watching it. I just love those Indian English TV shows and movies. This isn’t technically a full Indian English show though but the main stars are Sanjeev Bhaskar (of The Kumar’s) and Ayesha Dharker. (Fell in love with her acting in the movie Outsourced!). Glad to see Ayesha back on screen. There are plenty (…) Read more

Rajinikanth Scores Yet Again With Lingaa

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny the impact Rajinikanth has on the masses. As I was watching this movie, I could not help but wonder how this 64 year old actor never fails to make the audience go crazy with his unique style. Journalist Naman Ramachandran, perfectly describes the start of any Rajini movie There is total silence in the auditorium, a hush that is shattered when the letter (…) Read more

Outsourced Season 1, What A Show!

Just completed the one and only season (22 episodes) of Outsourced, a call centre in India. The show focuses on Todd Dempsy and a number of his employees working for the Mid America Novelties call center, along with other call center managers in the same building. Truly enjoy every single episode. A combination of slapstick comedy, masala, love and fun. Such a pity that they cancelled the show after the first season. (…) Read more

AR Rahman Launches, Aabhi Jaa , Exclusive 4K Video on YouTube

AR Rahman just released a 4k Ultra High Definition song video, “Aabhi Jha” for the very first time in India. Honestly, its the first 4k video I’ve actually seen on YouTube. “Aabhi Jaa” is a visual delight that has artistry inspired by Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings. The video features the beautiful Yami Gautam and Muzammil Ibrahim that harkens back to the days of dynasties ruling India. Rendered by Jonita Gandhi, (…) Read more

The Square: An Intimate but Disturbing Look at the Egypt Uprising

I was lucky enough to watch this Oscar-nominated documentary recently. I’m really glad that the movie has been nominated for an Oscar. In fact it is the first Egyptian film to receive this honour. A quick summary of the movie from the official website: The Egyptian Revolution has been an ongoing roller-coaster over the past two and a half years. Through the news, we only get a glimpse of the bloodiest (…) Read more

Respecting Animals, Wildlife and The Return of Malaysia’s Lizard King

In one of the first few pages of Lawrence Anthony‘s “The Last Rhinos”, you get a statement that “The Author condemns past and present governments of”…a few countries are named, one of them being Malaysia. I’m not sure why but somehow here in Malaysia, there seems to be very poor understanding on the basic rights of animals. An article published by The Star today talking about Malaysia’s worst animal cruelty (…) Read more

Al Jazeera English Magazine

If you have not read Al Jazeera’s English magazine before, now would be a good time to give it a try. They have recently released a special edition on Nelson Mandela which has beautiful photos, articles and videos. This magazine is available on Ipad and Iphone users via the Newstand app and its free! Not sure if its available on other devices though. I was extremely impressed with the layout (…) Read more

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