Cooked With Love – Chef Shamini

I was supposed to blog about this earlier but never found the time, but better late than never! Zeenee, Saivhes and I tried our first Plate Culture experience with Chef Shamini, who served us an extremely delicious dinner. Plate Culture allows you to transform your home into a private kitchen with you being the chef. Interesting concept allowing people to taste home cooked meals anywhere they go. We were served a variety (…) Read more

Masala Tea at Brahmin’s Kitchen

Nothing beats an amazing Masala tea after lunch. Few places serve great Indian tea, one of them being Zeenee’s and my favourite, Brahmins Kitchen in Petaling Jaya. They serve great vegetarian meals and recently upgraded their menu to include at least 60-70 types of dishes. Not sure if the have an official website though but here’s the contact info: Brahmin’s Kitchen Jalan 52/18, Unit 24 +603-7931-9193 Update 6/1/2015:  From the (…) Read more

Mindful-Eating Meditation by Deepak Chopra

I’m half way through reading Deepak Chopra‘s new book titled “What you are you hungry for?”. Though the book focuses on permanent weight loss, well-being and lightness of the soul, I believe there are some gems in this book that everyone can benefit from. One of it is the mindful-eating meditation. According to Deepak, this exercise increases our awareness and by eating one to two meals  a week this way you can (…) Read more

Infographic: Just How Dangerous Is The Dye In Your Food?

Amazing and insightful infographic from FastCompany They used to put cocaine in Coca Cola. Vegetables were once routinely covered in deadly DDT. Ever wonder what poisons you eat that will make future generations look back in horror? In case you need something new to worry about, the answer could be food dyes, as a new infographic by illustrates. Titled “Colors to Die for: The Dangerous Impact of Food Coloring,” a liquid (…) Read more

The Shocking Truth About Dairy Farming

Whilst I’ve been a vegetarian for slightly more than 6 years now, I’ve never really thought about dairy products. But after recently watching PETA’s video on dairy farming, I must say I am terribly disturbed by this whole issue. Definitely going to opt for soy milk only and find free range alternatives for cheese and milk(if required). I’m happy that Saivhes made the switch to Soy milk months back. He (…) Read more

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