Saivhes & Swimming

Zeenee got this book last week. How To Teach Your Baby To Swim. Part of the Glenn Doman collection. She’s been trying out many methods by Glenn Doman on Saivhes and it seems to be working really well. For swimming, to get Saivhes started by swimming on his own, one of the things he would need to do is learn to hold his breath for probably a second or two. (…) Read more

Thankful that Zeenee is with Saivhes

I was reading the papers today morning and saw a shocking news. Two infants, 3 months and 7 months old, died minutes apart at a daycare centre under mysterious circumstances. Honestly, I’m truly thankful that Zeenee decided to take care of Saivhes as opposed to sending him to a daycare centre or having someone else look after him. She could have decided to continue working and it would mean (…) Read more

Saivhes Goes Bald

I know it’s been awhile since I last updated this blog. We recently took Saivhes to Batu Caves to have his hair shaved for the first time. We’ve been delaying this for sometime but eventually got down to doing it on the 15th of January 2012. Zeenee then suggested that we take him up to the temple. Maveen and Harishini were both with us. Quite a challenge climbing up those (…) Read more

Saivhes Pulls Himself Up

Yesterday, Saivhes pulled himself up to a standing position while lying down on the cot. I left him inside the cot as he was looking sleepy and I was lying down on the bed beside. After sometime, he started to roll about indicating that he was in a playful mood and not sleepy. So what I did was start to talk to him from the bed but of course he (…) Read more

Saivhes & His Bottle

There is this bottle handle we discovered earlier today at Babyland by Phillips. It attaches to any Avent series bottle providing two handles on eacb side for the baby to learn to grip the bottle. We bought, tested it out with Saivhes and to our amazement, he was actually enjoying himself holding the bottle and drinking milk! He has been trying hard to hold his bottle by himself before this (…) Read more

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