Rose Quartz aka Rosie

Zeenee has been talking about adopting a cat the past couple of months. We finally did it! Zeenee, Saivhes and I are proud owners of Rose Quartz aka Rosie. A special thanks to Suja, a friend of Zeenee’s who has been rescuing stray animals and providing shelter and adoption for them. You can check out her blog at She has plenty of cats and dogs up for adoption.

The Loves of my life

Zeenee recently organized a simple photoshoot at Lake Gardens. I was as usual hesitating to go as it was in the afternoon, extremely hot and we had to sort of rush through the one hour session. Photos turned out great! Thanks to Rose Marie, the photographer who ironically has the same name as my mother. Even the spelling. Will post some photos up soon. Here’s one shot of three of (…) Read more

Nearing Two

Time is moving so quickly. In May, Saivhes will be turning two! There has been so many amazing experiences but I’ve been a bit reserved in my blogging. One of the great things these days is that Siavhes pretty much understands everything we speak. You can ask him to do something out of the blue and he will just do it. Pretty amazing! He loves reading Dr.Seuss these days. Enjoys (…) Read more

Great to be back!

It’s great to be back in the blogging world! I’ve been only updating my personal blog and photos on tumblr. Recently had this strong urge to get back to regular blogging, hence this new domain name. Anyway, just something random. Check out this great aerial photo of Muhammad Ali,

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