Currently Reading: Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

Just started reading this book a few days back. It’s been on my “To Read” list for sometime and finally got a copy a few weeks back. If you are an avid reader or even the casual one, this is one book you MUST read. One reader described it as “…not a book about a man, but a Manuscript for Life”. A good deal of this autobiography was written secretly (…) Read more

Mylon Trading: Spiritual Book Haven

I love reading spiritual books. But in Malaysia, such books are hard to come by. Especially the ones from India. You can never find it in MPH or Borders. There’s this shop in Brickfields which I have been going to the past 6 years. It’s called Mylon Trading. It’s located just next to the KL Sentral monorail station. From the outside, you’ll never realise that it is actually a bookstore. (…) Read more

Current Read: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Currently reading this book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. From the opening of the book: This is a story about a mother, two daughters, and two dogs.  It’s also about Mozart and Mendelssohn, the piano and the violin, and how we made it to Carnegie Hall. This was supposed to be a story of how Chinese parents are better at raising kids than Western ones. But instead, it’s about (…) Read more

Steve Jobs The Biography

Finally got a copy of this book thanks to Zeenee. Began reading it two days back. It’s been an amazing read so far and I’m sure Walter Isaacson’s book will be topping the charts for some time. If you are planning to buy this in Malaysia, don’t bother getting it from anywhere other than Borders. Most places are charging RM99.90 for it but you can get it for a 20% (…) Read more

A Gift from Rishikesh

About six weeks back, I received an e-mail from a person named Swami Yatidharmananda. He had previously added me on facebook though I honestly am not sure how he found me. Anyway, he sent an e-mail to talk about some website upgrade. We then began conversing on skype and I was then blessed with an opportunity to work on the official website of the Divine Life Society HQ in Rishikesh. (…) Read more

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