Best Advice I Ever Got: Rameet Chawla |

Rameet Chawla took a detour from the banking world to launch Fueled, a mobile development company that’s since grown to 70 employees, two locations and a shared working space. He shares the three lessons that made it possible.

Improve sales, hire one senior person rather than two junior people, and exercise patience when hiring.

Five years ago, I made the jump from banking to tech. While I kept my tailored suits, I left the world of finance to follow my passion for technology and the fast-paced innovation that goes with it.

Today, the mobile development company I founded in 2010 employs 70 full-time developers and designers. At Fueled, we create polished iOS and Android apps for some of the world’s largest enterprises and a few of New York’s most innovative start-ups. This summer, we also launched our shared working space, The Fueled Collective, which is home to 135 tech entrepreneurs. Why would a mobile development company open a co-working space? Simple: Because I believe in surrounding my team with the creativity and innovation that co-working provides.

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