Article: Why I don’t own a mobile phone (Writing about writing)

Stumbled across this blog post about not owning a mobile phone. Must say it’s really an interesting read. It’s actually from the owner of Silverfish Books.

I hope this clarifies the question once and for all, though it probably will not. I’m the one without the mobile phone, but my friends, for some reason, are the ones who feel the pain. Some have been on a virtual crusade, with the evangelical zeal of Jehovah Witnesses, to ‘save’ the recalcitrant non-believer. Others take delight in saying, “I told you so,” at the slightest inconvenience arising from my ‘stubbornness’.

Truth is, stubbornness has nothing to do with it. I simply value my time and sanity more than others do, I guess. I did own a mobile phone some twelve years ago, but then someone did me a favour by stealing it. I have never been more thankful since.

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Kugan Kumar

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