A Must Watch: The Indian Doctor, Thank You iflix!

I’m not sure how I missed this series, but thanks to iflix (sort of a Malaysian version of Netflix), I’ve started watching it. I just love those Indian English TV shows and movies. This isn’t technically a full Indian English show though but the main stars are Sanjeev Bhaskar (of The Kumar’s) and Ayesha Dharker. (Fell in love with her acting in the movie Outsourced!). Glad to see Ayesha back on screen. There are plenty (…) Read more

Pandeymonium by Piyush Pandey

A book I randomly stumbled upon this month. A wonderful read especially if you love design and advertising. Here is a short write up of the book from Penguin Books India: What makes Piyush Pandey an extraordinary advertising man, friend, partner and leader of men? How does he manage to exude childlike enthusiasm, and bring such deep commitment to his work? You’ve seen most of the things that Piyush Pandey (…) Read more