Goodbye Tiger, Malaysia has lost yet another great

Quoting Lim Guan Eng: The nation lost a brilliant legal mind and the rakyat a fearless “tiger” with an indomitable spirit who stood up for the poor, weak defenceless and dispossessed. Karpal Singh’s death in a car accident has shocked millions of Malaysians. He has been making lots of headlines in recent months with his sedition charge. His biography Karpal Singh: Tiger of Jelutong  was also released late last year. One (…) Read more

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The Eping Baptist Church is Amazingly Child/Family Friendly

Zeenee, Saivhes and I were at the Eping Baptist Church (Sydney) for Good Friday today and I must say that we were highly impressed with the church’s family/child friendly facilities. If only other centres and organizations here in Malaysia can follow this example, it would be just awesome! This is a great example of embracing parenting, perhaps even promoting it in organizations. As a parent, we would definitely have no (…) Read more


It’s time to hit that unsubscribe button on Mindvalley

If you don’t already know this, there has been some hype around this company called Mindvalley, started by entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani some years back. It claims to be “pushing humanity forward”, whatever that’s suppose to mean. They’ve branded themselves as one of the best places to work in, reinventing work, get paid to play, create, learn and so forth. I was trying to get some hard facts on them, and funnily, (…) Read more