Goodbye Tiger, Malaysia has lost yet another great

Quoting Lim Guan Eng: The nation lost a brilliant legal mind and the rakyat a fearless “tiger” with an indomitable spirit who stood up for the poor, weak defenceless and dispossessed. Karpal Singh’s death in a car accident has shocked millions of Malaysians. He has been making lots of headlines in recent months with his sedition charge. His biography Karpal Singh: Tiger of Jelutong  was also released late last year. One (…) Read more

The Eping Baptist Church is Amazingly Child/Family Friendly

Zeenee, Saivhes and I were at the Eping Baptist Church (Sydney) for Good Friday today and I must say that we were highly impressed with the church’s family/child friendly facilities. If only other centres and organizations here in Malaysia can follow this example, it would be just awesome! This is a great example of embracing parenting, perhaps even promoting it in organizations. As a parent, we would definitely have no (…) Read more